CRM Updates, Tasks, Follow-up Emails


This stat I’m going to share with you is going to absolutely blow your mind. Honestly, you should lean in for this one. On average sales professionals spend 33% of their time on admin tasks, including the post meeting follow up. Red alert! That is not good. A third of your job is spent on admin tasks when you were hired to sell. That’s a huge obstacle. And if you talk to most sales reps, at the end of the day, this is true. 

Like even when I was selling, like you had to make sure that, all right, my follow-up is there after the meeting, I’m putting in the notes of the crm, so sales ops doesn’t yell at me, right? I gotta do my own notation for myself to make sure that I could progress the deal and understand the discovery that I did. This could be a huge burden and obstacle for sales reps. And that’s why it’s so important that AI is in play, right? Because it’s going to allow you to facilitate and accelerate those notes that you take so that you can have good CRM hygiene and CRM hygiene is incredibly important. Even though as sellers we may be like, oh, I don’t care about the CRM. You have to do that because you’re going to have to know, historically for the deals that I’ve closed, what were the patterns that led to the close? Who am I speaking to? How fast are the deals going? How slow are the deals going? Right? And it’s also good for your sales leadership team to figure out how we’re going to forecast and go about and, and close the deals for the next year, next quarter, whatever it may be. 

Incredibly important that you have that. And so my tip for you all on how you make sure that you put these notes in the CRM and not get lost, right? Is to do it right after your call because it’s fresh and top of mind. Now, I can already hear it in the crowd, Morgan, I don’t have time for that. I’ve got back to back meetings. What are you talking about? Look, I get it. I have them as well. So what I’ve started to do is put a 15 minute buffer after my sales calls to write up my summary email. And that’s what we called it when I was at JB Sales – a summary email. And it’s really simple. It just says, here are the things that I heard on your call. Here are the goals that you had. Here’s the timeline, and here are the next steps. That’s an easy template, and all you have to do is input the information you got on the call in there so that people know exactly what’s going on. That’s how you keep momentum and keep things going. If you can’t do it 15 minutes after the call, keep it fresh. That’s also fine. Block out time at the end of the day, an hour, 45 minutes to go through all your follow-up so that you’re not spinning your wheels. And so what are we going to do? Now we’re going to show you a prompt on how to do this faster. 

I’m going to go over here and show you all the prompt right on how to have better client engagement with your follow-ups. You’re not overwhelmed. I really like this prompt.
“I’m a salesperson and I was just in a sales call with the prospect. I’m adding a transcript of the call. Please extract the prospect’s pain points.” That’s the prompt that you’re going to see here. Now, what an additional piece you can add to this prompt to make it even more juicy here is say, “label the highlights of this conversation as well, put it in a numbered list.” So now you can easily copy and paste that, right? And put it inside the email, right? And it’s already formatted for you. And Once it’s extracted these tasks, you also can do another prompt that we’re going to show up here on the screen is “I’m a salesperson and I was just in a sales call with the prospect. I’m adding a transcript of the call. Please extract follow-up actions for me.” So now what is that going to be? That’s the next steps you’re going to put in the summary email I just told you about, and now you can put their next steps in there as well. Now you can see success. 

And here’s another one I really like too: “Based on the same transcript craft a follow-up email that recaps our discussion addresses, your remaining concerns and align the next steps.” That’s an example prompt if you don’t know what the summary email is, but if you have an example of that summary email, if you wanna go check it out, you could always type in JB sales summary email and it’ll give you the framework here. And all you have to do is just put the summary email in there, then tell it to then fill that in. And now you have your email and now you’re moving with speed. And now we’re not overwhelmed. That’s what I would tell you there on those prompts. 

And with WINN.AI, you’re going to be able to do that. This is real time – Real time personal assistant, that’s going to help you condense these notes, be more actionable in your follow-up, be on point with your future clients and people will respect that you’re being prompt and concise and also detailed in your information.

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