AI for Sales 101 -
From Beginner to AI Wizard

Learn about the basics of AI and how to use it to
supercharge your sales strategies.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Understand of AI basics and learn about different AI models.
  • Get to know the common uses of AI in Sales and where it can help your work flow.
  • Learn about priming and acquire techniques for writing effective prompts.
  • Discover the fundamentals of using AI for research and how to utilize it for prospecting.
  • Deep-dive into AI for sales meetings: preparation, real-time optimization, and follow-up tactics.
  • Bonus lesson: Learn how to use AI to find ideas for social media posts.
  • Understand AI basics and learn common uses of AI in sales, including prospect & competitor research.
  • Discover how to write effective prompts and dive into AI for streamlining the workflow.
  • Learn how to use AI for sales meetings: prep, real-time and follow-up tactics.

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