Meeting Prep, Creating & Personalizing Your Pitch


In this section we’ll learn how AI can help you to thoroughly prepare for a sales meeting and craft your sales pitch.

Prepping for sales meetings can take time– time you may not have. But, it can make a real difference to a prospect. That’s why, in this lesson, we’re going to explore how AI can really streamline the whole meeting prep process and amp up your pitch!

Ever feel like you’re drowning in data when researching a prospect’s company and role? And then you have to tailor your pitch just right to hit their business needs spot-on. And don’t forget, you have to quickly recap points from any previous meetings too. Yep, sales meetings are a challenge, but guess what? AI can help you tackle them all easily.

AI can search through call summaries and company details, highlighting key points before your call. It also helps you tailor your pitch to address each client’s unique pain points. AI can even craft a personalized experience by understanding what your prospect wants to hear. It’s really like having a personal assistant for all of your prep work.

So, let’s say you want ChatGPT’s help in researching a prospect. Here’s how you’re going to prime ChatGPT. Tell it, “I’m a sales rep for [YOUR COMPANY]. Prepping for a chat with a [JOB TITLE] at [THEIR COMPANY]. To better describe the individual you’ll be speaking with, I will provide their LinkedIn information. Based on this, Please present a concise bullet list highlighting key points about the individual, focusing on areas that will help in building rapport, understanding their professional journey, and identifying topics of mutual interest or discussion points for the meeting.”

Then, scoop up bits from your prospect’s LinkedIn, like their About section, experience, and recent posts, and copy and paste all of it into ChatGPT. This way, you get tailored insights and conversation starters, so you can sprinkle personal touches throughout your pitch. 

So, what will you actually get from ChatGPT with that LinkedIn info? As you can see from our example, ChatGPT condenses everything into a neat, concise summary. It will give you just what you need for a quick meeting prep. You won’t have to wade through pages of info–just the key points, served up in bullet points and ready to help you make a great impression in your meeting. It’s essentially like having the cliff notes for your prospect, written just for you!

Moving on, let’s dive into crafting a killer sales pitch with ChatGPT. It can do a great job, but you have to make sure you’re giving all the right details. Think of it as fine-tuning a radio; the more you adjust, the clearer it gets. 

So you’re going to prime ChatGPT with this line: “I’m a B2B sales rep for [Industry name] named [company name]. Our product is [describe the product and its main features].  Using this info create a 3 sentence pitch for a cold call. Use a friendly and simple tone of voice.”

Here’s the one we got when we did it for WINN.

Alright, onto the last point: Recapping Past Meetings. Picture this: you’ve got a call with someone you haven’t spoken to in ages, or a prospect you’ve met a few times. So, you need a quick catch-up. AI’s your go-to. Just take those past meeting notes, those emails you’ve exchanged, and copy and paste them into ChatGPT. Ask for a bullet-point summary, and boom – you’ve got all the main points at your fingertips. It’s that simple! AI saves you from what could easily have been a few hours of work.

And that’s all we have for you in this section! Thanks for listening!

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