AI for Virtual Meetings: Prep, Real-Time Optimization, and Follow-Up


Sales meetings ahead? Whether you’re prepping, in the meeting, or rounding things up afterwards – AI can make things a whole lot easier.
Let’s start by breaking down why AI is such a game-changer for sales meetings. 

AI takes care of the repetitive stuff, tailors your approach just right, cuts down on mistakes, keeps everything on track, and helps you grow your operations. It’s like having an all-in-one helper for a smarter, more seamless sales process. Pretty cool, right?

So, let’s dive in and see how AI can really transform your sales meetings!
Alright, let’s break down sales meetings into three key phases: Prep, Real-time, and Post-meeting. 

We’re going to explore what goes into each stage and how AI can help you manage it all. 
Let’s talk about prepping for meetings with AI. First up, research – AI can zip through heaps of data quickly, so you can collect all the key insights about them without having to pour through pages and pages of information. It can even digest transcripts from previous sales calls and long email threads you don’t have time to pick through.

Then, it can help you personalize your pitch. AI can use all of the information you’ve gathered, to help you craft messaging that will really make an impact.

When you’re in a sales call, AI can serve as your personal assistant. It takes notes while you focus on your client, it guides you through your sales playbook so you don’t miss a beat, and it can dish out some pretty helpful sales insights on the fly. This way, you’re always ready to respond to any objections that may come up unexpectedly.

After you hang up, AI can speed through your follow-up work. It whips up neat summaries without a sweat and updates the CRM so you don’t have to worry about any more data entry marathons. Better yet, AI can even craft your follow-up emails to keep the conversation rolling, and create your follow up tasks so you remember what to do next.

So, that’s all for this lesson. Up next? We’re going deeper into AI-powered sales meetings. So stay tuned because we’re about to see how all of this looks in action. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next lesson!

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