Bring your team’s AI-game to every dealBring your team’s AI-game to every deal

You live and die by your win(n) rate… No matter how you spell it.

Built for your favorite sales tools

A winn-winn for you and your team

WINN.AI joins your reps on virtual sales meetings - so you can stop enforcing and start empowering.


Stop Watching Recordings

Total Playbook Adoption

Real-time playbook tracking and reporting means you don’t need to double-check your reps’ work


Increase Your Win Rate

Automatic Response Capturing

Turn your reps into active listeners who can focus on their conversations instead of their keyboards


Effortless CRM Hygiene

One-Click Updates

Capture important data from sales calls and updates the CRM at the click of a button

Real-Time Playbook Tracking

Give your playbooks new life.

Winn.AI tracks your AE’s conversations in real-time, letting them know which talking points they’ve addressed and which they still have left to communicate.

Real-Time Data Capture

Reduce your team’s busywork. Winn.AI understands and captures prospects’ answers automatically, and imports it all to Salesforce or HubSpot in a click.

Coming soon!

Real-Time Sales Insights

Wish you could whisper the next line in your AE’s ear? Winn.AI detects and interprets prospect questions and discretely feeds your reps the information they need to keep the conversation rolling.

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“Any VP sales looking to make an impact fast needs WINN.AI”

Amit Halperin SVP Global Sales, Unity

"Automatic note taking is awesome. This will help playbook adoption, CRM hygiene, team alignment and most of all - reps are gonna love it!”

Scott Leese Founder & CEO, Surf & Sales

"We tested other tools and WINN.AI is light years ahead"

Nichole Moser VP Sales, Trilogy

Works with any sales methodology

Gap selling
Solution Selling

Less Friction.
More Sales.Less Friction.
More Sales.


Put Your Playbook into Practice

Are all those sales trainings and methodologies working? WINN.AI keeps your reps aligned with your gameplan.


Onboard New Reps Faster

Make it super easy for new reps to follow your playbook, and help them make the most of real-time insights.


Seamless Setup

WINN.AI sits on top of your existing sales tools and workflow - making them work together smarter and faster. Get set up in just a few clicks.


Total Security

WINN’s infrastructure maintains the highest standards of digital security, because you already have enough to worry about.

Sales SOC 2 (Type 2)
Sales GDPR
Sales ISO/IEC 27001

Win more deals. Faster.

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