Real-Time Assistants, Note-Taking & Playbooks


In this section we’ll talk about AI tools that can help sales meetings as they take place: real-time sales assistance.
Selling is all about the relationship. As Brian Tracy, the renowned motivational speaker and author, rightly said, “People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people.” In sales, nurturing personal relationships is so important. Sales meetings are not just meetings; they’re really opportunities – for building trust and making those crucial connections. The mental space and sensitivity you bring into these interactions can make all the difference.

That’s why, today we’re going to talk about how you can use AI as a virtual assistant to offload some of the admin work you do during sales meetings so you can focus on connecting with the person in front of you.
First though, let’s talk about the challenges we often face in sales meetings. Being truly “in the moment” is crucial for a successful interaction. But, as salespeople, we’re usually juggling a few tasks at the same time. We may be taking down notes, searching for a PDF, etc. This kind of multitasking can honestly prevent us from focusing on the prospect. 

Plus, addressing objections as they arise in conversation is always tricky. You want to give the answer right away, but not if it means giving incorrect information. 

Finally, every sales team leader knows the challenge of maintaining effective and consistent sales strategies across the team; that is, getting everyone to work with the same techniques which have been tested and proven. 

All these issues can seriously affect the impression we make during sales meetings and influence the win rate overall.

Before we start talking about AI, let’s be clear about one thing: AI isn’t a substitute for genuine relationship-building. That’s something only a human can do. AI tools can help us by handling certain tasks, but the core of sales – building rapport with prospects and understanding their situation – that’s still a distinctly human activity. It’s really the blend of AI efficiency and human empathy that makes a powerful impact in the sales process.

Okay AI note-takers. AI note-takers are a real game-changer. They do all the heavy lifting of writing down every word of your conversation and extracting key points. This way, you can give your full attention to the conversation. You get to really listen and connect with your prospect, instead of being caught up in note-taking. It’s like giving yourself the freedom to be totally there in the conversation, which helps in building stronger relationships in the long-term and improving the effectiveness of your meetings.

Now, let’s focus on AI insights. Alright, I want you to picture this: you’re on a call and a tricky question comes up. Normally, you might fumble around looking for the right info or tell the prospect you’ll get back to them. But today, AI tools can give you insights as you’re talking to the prospect.  This means you can tackle more objections or questions as soon as they pop up. 

One example of an AI tool that does also this is Microsoft Viva Sales.

When you use it, you receive real-time information cards, prompted by competitors or brands mentioned by the prospect. 

AI can also help your team adhere to the playbook. When everyone’s following a solid playbook, things get done faster and better. It makes the whole sales process smoother and your customers get the same great experience every time, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every account.

AI tools can track and check if you’ve covered all the points in your sales playbook, while you’re talking to a prospect, and remind you of the points you still have left to cover.

If all of this sounds intriguing, you should definitely take a look at WINN.AI.

WINN acts as your personal assistant, taking care of the little things so you can focus on the big stuff – like building those key relationships. While you’re chatting with clients, WINN is there jotting down notes as you go. And once you finish the call, it gets straight to work updating your CRM system. Plus, it keeps track of how well your team is following the sales playbook. Basically, WINN’s the all-in-one tool you need to make your sales smoother and more on point.

That’s all for today. Thank you so much for tuning in, and we’ll see you in the next section!

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