The Fundamentals of Using AI for Research Purposes


Imagine a world where data reveals hidden trends, predicts market shifts, and fuels new discoveries. That is exactly what AI can do for us moving forward, and that’s why I’m super excited to continuously be studying it and executing on it.

And the main reason this is important is because we’re facing a challenge right now.

Yeah. We’re facing a challenge where data and research has become incredibly difficult. We’re inundated with more information than ever before. It’s very hard sometimes to find that data, and ultimately at the end of the day, traditional ways of doing research are slow and they’re not as helpful. So we can’t be proficient in our jobs, which is why I see AI as the drawbridge for us to be more impactful in our work and allow us to do the research at scale that then allows us to use our skills at scale. And so one of the things I wanna point out is just the AI toolkit, right, of when it comes to research and how you’re gonna get this data fast. Number one is machine learning. So effectively what that is at the end of the day is we have a lot of information and we need to condense that down at speed. So as I always tell people, your inputs are as great as your outputs, but if you got trash inputs, you’re going to get trash outputs. 

So that’s why it’s important to find data that you may think, I like this. And then you synthesize it through AI and that’s what machine learning helps you do. And then ultimately when you’re able to bring that down into a synthesized matter, it allows you to have better predictability on what you want to do. So anything that you’re like, you know, we’re gonna do this next year or this next quarter, or from a sales perspective, you’re forecasting – the AI’s gonna allow you to move a lot faster and get that information faster so that you can make quick decisions in a very, very fast market. And that’s incredibly important. So when you look at that, what are some real life examples of what I’m talking about that could be used?

When you’re shifting through data sets, the number one industry that I think of that’s the most important for that is healthcare. So this is gonna be very fascinating for healthcare. I’m not in this space, but I’ve been doing some research on it. The diseases, the infections that we’re gonna be able to cure are going to be fascinating.

As we innovate more in healthcare, we have the potential to live longer for sure, because of the discoveries they’re gonna be able to have from AI at this hyper speed. So I’m super excited to see how that all pans out and, you know, at the end of the day, what that’s gonna look like for, you know, our society as a whole. And then speaking of society as a whole, I gotta shout out this one.

Space exploration. You weren’t expecting that from me, so I’m actually a huge NASA fan. I wanted to be an astronaut growing up, but then I realized what the training was and I was like, yeah, that ain’t for me. But I do have the clothes. I am a huge fan, and we’re gonna be able to see all these different horizons that we’ve never seen before. And AI is gonna be able to see all the wonders of the world that humanly possible we can’t even go, but AI can. And the most important part, which, and living in our, in our profession though for the contextual reasons, is the tech space. So if you’re a sales professional, this is fantastic. If you’ve been skilling up, you’re gonna be able to remove so many manual tasks and it’s gonna allow you to be in your zone of genius, which is the most important. And when we think of zone of geniuses, we think about two things that AI’s gonna really help us with.

Number one is providing an excellent customer experience.

When you’re selling, it’s not just about- we’re selling some stuff. It’s about the customer experience. How do they feel when you’re interacting with them?

Was it on point? Was it up to speed? Did they feel comfortable? Were they excited about this?

These are things that are the most important when you are selling to somebody, what was the experience like?

AI is going to be able to map out all these experiences that you’ve had across the board and then provide the best experience for the buyer based on data points. And then you as a person can then show up and provide that insight. And I think that’s incredible. And then the other piece is the predictability of this, right?

When you are forecasting, when you are looking to get in front of somebody, it’s incredibly important that you understand from a sales perspective, where are we going for the quarter?

Where are we going for the month? And it’s going to be able to show you that.

And so, you know, the exciting part is we’re now going to dive into what this actually looks like.

I’m going to move down here. What are we doing here? And what I mean like in terms of a prompt, right? What we’re gonna do is I’m gonna tell you all a prompt that you can use right here, right now, to be successful.

So the example prompt, you’re gonna see it come up here, okay, here you go.

So how do you make sure that your research is appropriate?

Your a sales representative today, your task is to create a role play scenario for an objection handling training session. Here is some additional information to help you with the quest.

So below that, you’ll see the sales situation. You want to give the details of the sales situation and the objection handling objectives.

And also as well, what’s really important here is if you can give, make sure when you put it in the sales situation, you’re giving, like what’s the buyer persona?

What revenue they have if possible, you know, what have they faced in the past?

You want to be very prescriptive here. Be as prescriptive with your prompts as possible, otherwise you’re going to get a fluffy answer. And so you see as a screen gonna come up here, you’re gonna see an example prompt. And that’s an example of what you could do.

Again, you obviously wanna pay attention to what you’re looking at in that space.

And as I’m looking at this, one of the key things that you want to do is when you’re going and doing these pieces right, make sure that you’re providing, asking it to provide examples of how they would handle that objection.

So now what you can do is you’ve created a scenario. You then ask it, Hey, provide these, provide some answers to these objections.

You could even add an extra layer to this and say, Hey, here’s the top rep.

Maybe you have a recording software to go along with.

Take the top rep on how they answer that objection, put their answer in there and say, use this person’s tone to come up with other examples of how I can handle this objection so you can get the most out of it.

So that is exactly how you go out and Use data research to be more proficient and as a sales professional, how you can win right at the end of the day by collecting this information and being more proactive with your calls so you don’t get tripped up.

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