Exploring AI Models: ChatGPT, Bard and Beyond


In this section, we’re going to talk about AI models and explain exactly how they work. Artificial intelligence has completely changed the way that we interact and work with people. And the way that we go about that is through sophisticated models that are called AI models. 

You may be wondering what in the world does that even mean? The AI model, if you think about it, is just like the brain of how the operating system works and how you get information once you put it inside of an AI model. And we’re going to go through different examples of what training models are so that you’re familiar with them as you dive into AI. And those are ChatGPT, Bard, IBM, Watson, and Dall-E. The first thing that we’re going to talk about is ChatGPT, which stands, if you look at it right here, generative pre-trained. Now, I thought that actually was made up, but it’s actually not. It does stand for something. 

When you think of ChatGPT of this information, as we, as we are listening to this video right now, is preceded information inside of the learning module or inside of the model up until 2021. And so when you’re inputting in information, it is like having a conversation with a real life human right back and forth to, based on your inputs, to figure out what your outputs are on how you can take action on whatever you’re looking to do. Now, within ChatGPT, there is 3.5, which is what it currently is on, and four, which is the paid version. Really good for inputting PDFs and documents. When you want it to analyze something, you don’t wanna read it all day long, especially a 10K or report for sellers. Just put it in there and it’ll give you all the information that you need. Now, within that, some people may be asking, okay, when is it, when is it best to actually use chat? ChatGPT finds it, it’s actually the best to use it for content. So if you’re trying to replicate your language in your content, if you’re trying to take your content to the next level, or you find someone else’s content really good and you wanna understand why their content is hitting and maybe yours isn’t. ChatGPT, I believe is the best for that because you’re going to be able to remember the information that you have. So that’s incredibly important. 

So we have ChatGPT, now we’re going to move over to Bard, which is Google’s AI program. Now, what’s the difference between ChatGPT and Bard, Morgan? Can I use both? Well, you can, but here’s the main difference: With Bard, you’re getting information that’s sourced directly from the internet at speed versus ChatGPT, that’s integrated in there up to 2021. If you’re looking to do research, find information fast, and maybe you’re, you know, trying to find something on the internet, but it’s just easier to use like Bard, that’s what I would do. You could still use it for content, but again, I think ChatGPT still better for that. But Bard, you’re going to have a way better grasp on getting research information from there. And that’s typically what I tell people, to lean on when they’re looking at Bard overall. And again, obviously it’s linked with Google, so you’re going to find that information faster. Make sure that you’re using it from that research realm inside of there. 

Now let’s go to IBM Watson. So again, what’s different here?
IBM Watson has different platforms and softwares integrated into its AI. And mostly it’s focused on healthcare and the financial industries. If you’re in that industry and you’re looking to find that information, this is fantastic for it. This is the reason why they built it.
I also believe that Watson won jeopardy, which is pretty crazy to me, but it’s continuously upgraded. It’s a solution that really understands those industries. So if you’re looking to find something in the financial space, if you’re looking, you know, people are using this for healthcare so that we can expedite our healthcare services, this is what it’s being used for. 

So for everything else, I really wouldn’t use it. This is really a main focus for those industries. You can start diving into it, getting the more information and understanding those industries on a higher level. And then the last one we have is Dall-E. Dall-E is very similar to Midjourney. It allows you to have creative images and, and, and different paintings if you want to do that from there. You could input information like, Hey, I’m trying to have a dog who’s surf boarding. I don’t know, I just made that up. It’ll come up with that AI picture for you that you could use whatever you want. This is really good. If you are selling or things of that nature and you want a really good presentation, Dall-E would be a really good one for you to use there.

Within all that, on these trade training models, there are a lot of things you could use  them for as well. The, the number one most important thing that you’re going to see here on the screen is tourism. To give you some context, I planned a trip. I used ChatGPT to do it. You could use Bard as well. And I, because I just wanted to test it and I was going to Portugal so I figured out my entire Portugal trip for a week in 20 minutes using AI versus looking for it for 3-4 days and then coming up with a Google Doc. If you’re not using AI for tourism, you definitely should be doing that.

These are the different models that you could be using to start using for your experience and start putting yourself out there so that you can go and be successful.

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