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"I love filling out the CRM!"

*Said no salesperson, ever

WINN.AI handles all of your sales busywork so you can type less and win more

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Taking notes takes too much focus.
Updating the CRM takes too much time.

Winn.AI joins you on virtual sales meetings,
so you can focus on your customer - not your keyboard
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Always be winningAlways be winning

Close more deals by making your funnel faster, smarter, and smoother.
Automated data capture | Seamless CRM updates | AI-Generated emails

Streamline your favorite sales tools
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Real-Time Playbook Tracking

No more "Oh, I forgot to ask!"

Set up your playbook or adapt one of ours with a click.
Winn.AI tracks your conversations in real-time, letting you know which talking
points you've addressed and which you still have left to communicate.

Keep focus
on your customer

Eliminate unnecessary

Stay on pace,
without distractions

Real-Time Data Capture

Less time in the CRM

Skip the most soul-numbing part of sales.

Winn.AI understands and captures your prospects' answers automatically, and with just one click imports it all to Salesforce or HubSpot.

Free your schedule to
land more meetings

Maintain 'CRM hygiene'
without even trying

Send customized follow-up
emails with one click

Coming soon!

Real-Time Sales Insights

Every answer. At your fingertips.

Do your prospects ask for customer references?
About the competitive landscape?

Winn.AI detects and interprets their questions and discretely feeds you the
information you need to keep the conversation rolling.
Because no prospect is ever impressed by "I'll get back to you on that."

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A winn-winn for you and your team

Winn.AI is built for the salesperson on the front lines.
But when it's adopted by the entire team - the real magic happens.

Frictionless Playbook Adoption

Sell more consistently by keeping your team, and your brand - on the same page.

Seamless Rep Onboarding

Sell more quickly by dramatically reducing the ramp-up time for new account executives.

Effortless CRM Hygiene

Sell more effectively by ensuring your customer records are always up to date.

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"I’ve been on thousands of sales calls. Hands-free talking point tracking (and data capturing!!) are real game-changers!"

Ittai Marinberg Senior Account Executive, Connecteam
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"Automatic note taking is awesome. This will help playbook adoption, CRM hygiene, team alignment and most of all - reps are gonna love it!"

Scott Leese Founder & CEO, Surf & Sales
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"We tested other tools and WINN.AI is light years ahead"

Nichole Moser VP Sales, Trilogy

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