How AI Meeting Assistant Jumpstarts the Sales Process

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You’ve probably heard whispers around the water cooler or seen it pop up in your LinkedIn feed.

“Conversational intelligence.” 

It seems every morning brings a new AI buzzword into the limelight, but this one’s worth paying attention to. 

AI meeting assistants built with conversational intelligence not only digest heaps of data in record time but also actively draw insights from your conversations and provide real-time guidance. Think real-time feedback during your pitches and invaluable insights for closing the deal. 

Picture a blend of a personal coach, an indispensable assistant, and the analytical prowess of ChatGPT, and you’re on the money. 

Ready to hear more? Let’s jump in.

Challenges of sales meetings today

As a salesperson, there’s a lot on your plate when it comes to meetings.

First, you’ll need to dig into the prospect’s business. Maybe you’re sifting through previous conversations. Or, you’re searching through interviews, press releases, and social posts to gather background information. All of that can take hours out of your day, and you probably have a long list of other prospects waiting for you!

Things don’t get any easier during the meeting though.

When you’re busy scrawling down notes, you’re probably missing important emotional cues or even key insights into the prospect’s business model or internal hierarchy.  

Plus, can you really connect when you’re busy tapping away at your keyboards?

Then after the conversation, you’re probably left with a handful of bullet points that may or may not make sense later. Did you note down the correct figures? Did you remember to ask them what solutions they were already using? What about their key decision-makers? 

One meeting can take a whole lot of work indeed!

How conversational intelligence can solve these problems

So, how does conversational intelligence transform this frustrating procedure into a smooth and streamlined operation?

Here, you’ll discover how AI simplifies sales meetings, giving you the bandwidth to concentrate on the prospect in front of you.

ChallengeHow conversational intelligence can helpUseful tip
Missing important details while taking notesCaptures all information in real-time, eliminating manual note-takingUse a high-quality microphone to ensure every word is captured clearly.
Forgetting key discussion points after meetingsTranscribes calls for  post-meeting reviewUse AI to summarize the transcript and upload it to your CRM for future reference.
Struggling to personalize follow-upsAnalyzes conversations to highlight pain pointsRegularly update the AI system with feedback to refine its knowledge of your prospect.
Reliance on outdated or incorrect CRM dataCross-reference conversation with CRM, identifying discrepanciesUse conversational intelligence tools that integrate seamlessly with your CRM.
Lack of genuine connection during meetingsFrees up salespeople to focus on building rapport instead of scribbling notesPractice active listening. Echo key concerns back to prospects in your own words to confirm understanding.
Hard to address different objections in real timeOffers real-time insights relevant to the conversation during meetingsAI tools that connect to your CRM or other knowledge bases will be most effective in suggesting relevant insights

Features of AI meeting assistants

There are already dozens of bespoke AI sales platforms and tools that can integrate conversational intelligence in sales processes and boost productivity for you and your team. 

But, before you actually go shopping, take note of these 6 essential features.

  • Transcription & note-taking – Let AI take care of recording your conversation word-for-word. So, you can focus on the person in front of you without forgetting any details.
  • Summaries– Get a quick bulleted list of the key points you discussed during your meeting so you can remember the important details without reading through pages of text.
  • CRM updates – Find a tool that uploads all of your notes directly to your CRM. So, you keep one source of truth for each contact without having to waste time with manual data entry.
  • Playbook tracking – Look for a tool with built-in playbooks. So you always stay aligned with your team’s sales methodology without switching screens.
  • In-call guidance and suggestions – Rely on your trusty AI meeting assistant to give you little tips along the way. So, you’re always sharpening your sales game
  • Sentiment analysis – Let AI analyze the tone of the conversation. So, you know when you’re hitting the right notes, and when you’re missing the mark.

Whether it’s a quick catch-up or a product demo, these features empower you to approach every meeting with confidence. 

Pros of using AI meeting assistants

Using an AI meeting assistant is like having your very own personal secretary, but they’re always available and they can type way faster than 90 wpm.

Here are some of the key benefits you can look forward to:

  • Save time –  Let AI take care of all of reading through interviews, writing down important details, and updating the CRM in minutes, not hours. 
  • Boost efficiency – Get your meeting prep and follow-up done at the click of a button. So you can handle more accounts and close more deals.
  • Data-driven insights – When you have better documentation and automated CRM updates, you’ll have more data. So, you’ll be able to forecast more easily and measure your performance more accurately. In fact, whenever you have to make important decisions, you’ll have all the information you need to choose wisely.
  • Improve consistency across the team – When you have real-time guidance during a meeting, it’s easier than ever to make sure everyone on your team stays on track and aligns with the playbook.
  • Accelerate rep onboarding – Having real-time guidance is like getting personal coaching. So your reps will be ready to sell faster and they’ll always have the data they need to close their deals.
  • Better performance – There’s just no doubt about it. When you can use AI meeting assistants to help you along the way, you’ll perform better!
  • Real-time assistance – When you have a coach with you sitting on your screen providing tips and tricks you can use while you’re on a call, you’ll always be on top of your game.

Winn’s AI meeting assistant

Alright, picture this: WINN.AI, the AI meeting assistant, is here to turbocharge your sales routine. Curious? Let’s dive in.

Real-time Data Gathering: Instead of the old-school jot-down, why not let Winn.AI play secretary? It’s like having an assistant who’s always on point. Have it join in on a conversation, and watch as it deciphers the crux and the context of your sales chats, in real-time. No more “Wait, what did they say again?”

Note-taking, but make it smart: Remember when you’d get buried under pages of notes and still missed the good stuff? Winn.AI’s got your back. It spots the golden nuggets, sorts the must-knows from the fluff, and breaks it all down – think MEDDICC/BANT-style clarity. Oh, and it updates your CRM directly. No biggie!

Stay on your A-game with playbook tracking: Winn.AI helps you stay on track and never miss a beat, so your qualification process is nothing short of comprehensive. 

Ace that follow-up game: Cut the wait and propel your pipeline! With Winn.AI, those post-meet emails aren’t just swift; they’re also right on point. Picture AI crafting emails based on your meeting summary, driving buyer engagement up a notch.

Why not let Winn.AI be the MVP of your CRM? Give it a spin and see your sales soar! How’s that for an upgrade?

Final thoughts:

It’s 2023, yet many in the sales world are still juggling notes and manual tasks when the solution is staring them right in the face.

Sales warriors, it’s high time we ushered in the age of AI-driven efficiency.

In a landscape where every second counts, let’s not spend it buried in paperwork and manual note-taking. Instead, harness the power of conversational intelligence in sales processes, and see your productivity skyrocket.

It’s about truly engaging with prospects, diving deep into their needs, and clinching that handshake. Let the tech handle the nitty-gritty. It’s more than equipped.

Your mission? To sell and excel. Onward!

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