Meet the WINN.AI
Sales Painkiller
Meet the WINN.AI
Sales Painkiller

Do you suffer from CRM-induced pains and difficulties?
WINN.AI is designed to relieve your sales pains so you can close more deals.

9 out of 10 salespeople recommend

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Real-Time Playbook Tracking

No more "Oh, I forgot to ask!"

WINN.AI tracks your conversations in real-time, letting you know which talking points you've addressed and which you still have left to communicate.

Keep focus
on your customer

Eliminate unnecessary

Stay on pace,
without distractions

Real-Time Data Capture

Less time in the CRM

WINN.AI understands and captures your prospects' answers, and imports it all to your CRM with just one click.

Less typing
land more meetings

Maintain CRM hygiene
without even trying

Send AI-generated
follow-up emails

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"I’ve been on thousands of sales calls. Hands-free talking point tracking (and data capturing!!) are real game-changers!"

Ittai Marinberg Senior Account Executive, Connecteam
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"Automatic note taking is awesome. This will help playbook adoption, CRM hygiene, team alignment and most of all - reps are gonna love it!"

Scott Leese Founder & CEO, Surf & Sales
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"We tested other tools and WINN.AI is light years ahead"

Nichole Moser VP Sales, Trilogy

Say goodbye to your sales pains today

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